For questions regarding vendors, dancers and contest rules please email Aileena Diaz at or leave a message at the tribal administration office at (805) 688-7997.
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Saturday, October 6
10am - 10pm

Gourd Dance: 12pm & 6pm
Grand Entry: 1pm & 7pm
Dinner Break: 5pm
Sunday, October 7
10am - 6pm

Gourd Dance: 12pm
Grand Entry: 1pm

The pow-wow is open to the public, free admission. Dance contest, drum contest, food booths and arts and crafts vendors. This is a drug and alcohol free event.

Parking: $5 per day (including motorcycles)

Camping: $35 for weekend
Camping spots are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

Check in with the pow-wow staff on site for payment and restrictions.


Whether you’re new to the pow-wow arena or have been a long-time participant on the pow-wow circuit here is a guide to proper pow-wow protocol.

  • The Master of Ceremonies provides directions for the dancers and the public and will provide information about the dances, songs, and competitions.
  • The pow-wow will open with the Grand Entry, in which all dancers will enter single-file behind the flags. As a sign of respect, always stand during the Grand Entry, Gourd song, Flag song, Invocation, Veterans song and Closing song. The Master of Ceremonies will announce when it is the appropriate time to stand and when you may sit.
  • The Flag song follows the Grand Entry. You should stand for this song as you would for the national anthem. Next, all dancers participate in several rounds of inter-tribal dancing.
  • Rounds of inter-tribal dancing usually take place between the contest dances. Winners of the contest dances are usually announced after the judges have cast their ballots and they have been tabulated. If there is a tie, there is a dance-off to decide the winner.
  • If you want to take photographs, please check with the Master of Ceremonies first. If he advises that it is an appropriate time to take photos you must then ask the person you wish to photograph for their permission before taking their photos.
  • Please refrain from touching anyone’s regalia (traditional tribal clothing) without his or her permission.
  • Children and adults should not enter the arena unless they are dancing or have been invited by a dancer or the Master of Ceremonies.
  • Pets are allowed at the campsites but are not permitted in or around the arena area.
  • The pow-wow is a drug and alcohol free event.
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