The Tribal Elders Council consists of enrolled members, fifty (50) years of age or older, whose responsibility is to protect and preserve cultural resources. The Council is governed by a board of seven members with the purpose of maintaining the tribe's heritage, history and traditions. The Elders Council Governing Board performs the following but is not limited to:

  • Relocation of human remains and religious artifacts
  • Organization and oversight of culturally sensitive dig sites through monitoring services
  • Organization and oversight of recovered artifacts, pictographs, etc
  • Coordination and collaboration with historical, local, state, national and international societies and museums
  • Coordination and collaboration with other persons and entities concerning recognized sensitive sites
  • Building continued relationships with outside agencies, tribes and any other affiliations that share the same preservation beliefs
  • Creating a strong bond with youth

The Tribal Elders Council provides employment to those who wish to be a Native American monitor. Tribal lineage is preferred.

Please feel free to contact the Elders Office to inquire about our monitoring program or for any other information.

Freddie Romero
Tribal Elders Council Office
805.688.7997 ext 4109
805.686.9578 fax

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